XRAY Composite Upright Rear [363353]

Composite Upright Rear





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Molded composite rear upright with 2 roll center positions, used on left or right side
The very compact rear uprights are small in size but thanks to the special composite mixture used also very strong
The lower roll center adjustment has 1 fixed position on the upright and the upper roll center adjustment has 3 different positions. The rear uprights feature 0 toe to ensure stability and prevent suspension geometry changes in hard crashes
For maximum drive train reliability larger 5x12 ball-bearings are used in the outer position with increased dynamic load. On the inner position the smaller 5x10 ball-bearings are used to minimize unsprung weight
XRAY XB4 2014 Specs
XRAY XB4 2015 Specs
XRAY XB4 2016 Specs
XRAY XB4 2017 Specs

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