DRIVE 7.2V 3000mAh NiMH : UNI 2.0 Plug

DRIVE 7.2V 3000mAh NiMH : UNI 2.0 Plug





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This is a Pre-Assembled 6 cell, 3000mAh Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Pack
NiMh Batteries Have A Different Chemistry Than NiCd Batteries So They
Require Different Charging Methods (See COMMENTS)


  • Pre-assembled NiMh Sub-C size cells for use with 1/10 scale R/C
  • Vehicles, also great for electric airplanes
  • Venom Universal Four Plug System allows connectivity between today's
  • Four most common battery plugs, Tamiya, Traxxas, Deans and EC3,
  • Simply attach desired plug to Venom plug on battery's wire leads
  • Offers 50% longer run times verses 2000mAh packs
  • Great for endurance racing
  • Higher average voltage means more power verses NiCd packs
  • NiMh cells have no discharge memory so there is no need to deep
  • Discharge them by shorting out the cells. This damages the cells
  • No need to be recycled, NiMh cells are environmentally friendly

In the Package:

  • One Assembled 6 cell, 3000mAh NiMh Battery Pack w/Tamiya, Traxxas
  • Dean's and EC3 Plugs


  • Charge Rate: 3-4A with a delta peak detection set at
  • 10-20 millivolts (.01 to .02V)
  • Height: 0.96" (24.5mm)
  • Width: 1.8" (47.1mm)
  • Length: 5.4" (136.3mm)
  • Weight: 11.2oz (317g)
  • Maximum Cycles Per Day: Three, with a 1 to 2 hour rest period
  • Between cycles
  • Dead Shorting: Not Recommended


  • Charger: Having Negative DeltaV or Zero DeltaV Peaking capabilities
  • Discharger: Having capabilities to properly discharge batteries


  • Do Not dead short the cells after discharging or store them with a
  • Resistor across the pack. They do not need this and it damages
  • The battery pack. Store cells with voltage in them
  • Do not trickle charge
  • Use a digital voltmeter if your charger does not have one, to monitor
  • The voltage. As soon as the voltage stops rising, the pack is
  • Charged. Do not let voltage drop like you would with NiCd cells
  • Charger MUST be able to adjust the negative peak charge rate
  • Heat or Overcharging Will Deteriorate or Damage NiMh Cells

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