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Et410 1/10s 4wd Competition Electric Truggy Kit

Et410 1/10s 4wd Competition Electric Truggy Kit





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  • 95% parts compatibility with the EB410 4WD 1/10th scale buggy
  • Updated 3mm 7075 CNC chassis and revised A and B hinge pin braces
  • 13mm hard anodized threaded shocks with locking spring perches
  • New 32 pitch spur gear for ultimate durability
  • 3.5mm shock shafts with revised dual guide x-ring cartridge
  • 7075 CNC machined adjustable hinge pin brace system
  • Three high volume fluid-filled adjustable differentials
  • Light weight 7075 tapered center driveshafts
  • Quick access to differentials and maintenance friendly layout
  • Captured CVA front and rear driveshafts with heavy duty 6mm stub axles
  • Fully ball raced reverse bellcrank steering system
  • Uses 1/10th AE Offset Stadium Truck or Traxxas Slash Short Course offset wheels


  • 2/3 channel radio/transmitter
  • 1/10 scale Buggy or Short Course ESC
  • 540 size 6.5-8.5 turn or 540 size 4 pole 4000-4600kv motor
  • High torque steering servo (at least 200oz/in)
  • 32 pitch 15 to 19 tooth pinion
  • 2s shorty LiPo battery (at least 5000mAh)
  • 1/10th scale Associated offset stadium truck OR Traxxas Slash SC offset wheels and tires
  • CA glue
  • Paint for the body


  • Rules and standards are great and all, but when it comes to maximum fun and performance, sometimes you just have to do your own thing. For example, its only been about 10 years since we pioneered the 1/8th electric buggy class. From there we released the first purpose-built 1/8th electric buggy kit in 2012, and that class is now one of the most popular in the world
  • This time though, we didnt throw out the rulebook entirely as the 1/10th 4wd truck class has been on the books for quite some time. Knowing that, we saw an opportunity to introduce a new vehicle that checks all of the right boxes performance, innovation, durability, and most of all, fun!
  • With advances in battery and motor technology, as well as design evolution and material properties, it was only a matter of time until a truly viable 1/10th 4wd truck entered the market. We are happy to answer the call and well say without hesitation that this new truck is about the most fun you can have with an RC car
  • The ET410 excels on every track surface whether it be clay, carpet, dirt, indoor, or outdoor. Thats not a huge surprise since its based on the wildly successful EB410 platform. We designed new suspension arms, shock towers, rear shocks, body mounts, ET48.3 inspired truggy body, and driveline components to push the ET410 out to 1/10th 2wd/4wd truck specs
  • All of the innovations from the EB410 buggy are present on the ET410. From the weight-forward chassis layout and superior differential design, to the reverse bellcrank steering system and 13mm big bore shocks, youll be immediately familiar with the truck out of the box. This also means that most of the aftermarket parts for the EB410 will be direct replacement options for the ET410
  • During testing we found a variety of motors that work well to power the ET410 from standard 2-pole offerings (5.5-10.5T) to 4-pole 540-size SCT motors (4000-5000kv). Dont be afraid to put tons of power through the ET410 as a newly designed 32 pitch spur gear and thicker driveshafts are more than up to the task. And yes, its fully capable of pulling wheelies if you like messing around in the backyard or off the track
  • In addition to standard 2.2 truck wheels and tires (AE offset), we thought it necessary to support SCT wheels and tires (Slash offset) as a bolt-on option. So theres a good chance you already have everything you need in your RC toolbox to get going
  • If you already own an EB410, youll be happy to know that the parts are 95% compatible with the ET410. This means you wont need to stock up on a completely new set of spare parts and all of the routine maintenance youve become familiar with will apply to the ET410. So if youre looking for a new class to run or just want to have a good time with an awesome RC vehicle, the ET410 will deliver
  • ET410 Key

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