Universal Driveshaft Set (front 77.5mm EB410 2 pieces)

Universal Driveshaft Set (front 77.5mm EB410 2 pieces)





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Universal driveshafts are now available for your EB410 buggy. These driveshaft assemblies are CNC machined from high-quality steel aluminum and black oxidized for wear resistance. Extreme working angles are no problem and as a genuine Tekno part, they are durable and will wear very well. They are also light weight as the excess material has been removed without compromising performance or strength
Universal driveshafts excel in rough conditions and can generate additional side bite by providing additional roll in the corners. The suspension is allowed to work more efficiently when compared to the additional mechanical binding in CVAs. This allows the vehicle to absorb bumps better with a reduced risk of catching a rut and flipping the car while cornering. For smoother tracks, CVAs will produce more forward traction and support, but universals are also well suited with slight suspension setup changes (springs and oil)
The basic design of a universal driveshaft means virtually no maintenance is required and dirt and dust wont foul the operation of the joint. These are ready to drop into your EB410 with the use of additional 8x14x4mm bearings (TKRBB08144)


  • Improved handling in rough or bumpy conditions
  • Increased side bite in corners
  • CNC machined and black coated for wear resistance
  • Light weight and virtually maintenance-free


  • TKR6687 requires 2ea 8x14x4mm bearings (TKRBB08144), one for each wheel hub assembly. To completely outfit the EB410 with universal drive shafts TKR6688 must also be used in the rear of the vehicle along with two additional 8x14x4mm bearings

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