Associated Reedy 7-in-1 Charge Lead 4mm [27220]

Reedy 7-in-1 Charge Lead 4mm


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Associated brand Reedy 7-in-1 Charge Lead with 4mm Male Bullet Connectors


  • Allows charging of batteries for a number of different applications
  • With a charger that has 4mm female bullet input connectors
  • Eliminates having to buy separate connectors

In the Package:

  • 4mm Male Bullet Connectors
  • Glow Plug Lead
  • Tamiya Connector
  • EC3 Connector
  • T-Plug Connector
  • Female 2-Pin JST Connector
  • Receiver Battery Connector
  • Two Leads for Soldering on Desired Connector


  • Wire Gauge: 18AWG
  • Approximate Length: 9.25 (235mm) not including connectors


  • CAUTION, Does not allow charging multiple batteries at once. Only
  • Charge one battery at a time with these leads

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