RPM Sealed Gear Cover:Torment Ruckus Circuit Boost [70672]

Sealed Gear Cover:Torment Ruckus Circuit Boost





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Are you tired of getting dirt in your gears of your Boost, Torment, Circuit or Ruckus? Perhaps youd like a faster and easier way of accessing the slipper clutch? If so, you need an
Gear Cover for your ride!
Gear Covers for the 2wd versions of the ECX Torment, Ruckus, Circuit & Boost have modified geometry that extends rearward and down to cover the open slot created by the molded transmission housing. That extension seals off the spur and pinion area of the transmission, keeping your gears free of damaging dirt, dust and debris. We also eliminated the stock, screw-on gear cover plug in favor of our extremely popular quick access, molded rubber plug. Our plug snaps in place for a secure, dust-free cap, yet pulls out using a small tab on the side for quick and easy access to the slipper clutch adjusting nut
gear covers are molded in our trademark blend of ultra-durable, engineering grade nylons for a lifetime of trouble free use. Every
gear cover is molded in the USA and backed by our limited lifetime warranty against breakage


  • RPM
  • Gear covers for ECX 2wd vehicles replace stock ECX part number ECX1027. Maximum spur gear size is 87 teeth

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