Plastruct Plastiweld Cement 2oz Bottle [00002]

Plastiweld Cement 2oz Bottle





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This is a Plastic Weld Cement 2oz bottle


  • Brush in cap
  • Cements by capillary action
  • Sets in minutes
  • Used for bonding Plastruct ABS, Styrene, Butyrate or Acrylic to
  • Each other, or in combination

In the Package:

  • One 2oz bottle of plastiweld cement


  • Caution: Contains Trichloromethane. Do not take internally. Avoid
  • Eye contact and prolonged breathing of vapors. Use in well
  • Ventilated area. In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with
  • Water for 15 minutes. May cause nausea. Avoid repeated contact
  • With skin, and wash skin well after use. If swallowed, phone
  • Physician, local emergency hospital or poison center

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