UF-7 Police Body Light Package (kit includes - 2 pieces 5mm WHIT

UF-7 Police Body Light Package (kit includes - 2 pieces 5mm WHIT





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Want to Build an Ultra-Scale Police Car, well, the Police Body Light Kit is the place to start! The Police Body Light Kit is the most Popular Emergency Kit we sell. This Kit is based around the well proven UF-7 Lighting Controller, and together with our Super Bright LEDs and Ultra-Scale Emergency Vehicle Blink MODEs, the Scale Realism will knock your socks off! With functioning Headlights, Tail/Brake Lights, and avaliable Remote ON/OFF Control of the Strobes (additional Y-Cable for needed, sold separately), no other kit on the planet comes close to MyTrickRCs Police Body Light Kit. Oh, and this kit is Plug and Play, so Installation is Easier and Faster than Ever! MyTrickRC helps you get Great Results by offering Clear Instructions, Dependable Products, and Helpful Install Videos. Join the Thousands of other Happy MyTrickRC Customers, and see How Awesome your RC Police Car Project come out! Start your police project with the Police Body Light Kit. Whether you are making a regular, or undercover police vehicle, the MyTrickRC Police Body Light Kit provides the lights and the expand-ability needed to outfit your vehicles front and rear bumpers with headlights, tail lights, and body strobes. Our Police Body Light Kit is unlike all the other lighting kits found on the market, that are generally created by overseas designers. MyTrickRCs Police Body Light Kit was designed right here in California by RC enthusiasts like yourself, and attention to detail is very important to our company. Therefore, our products deliver top quality lighting components and realistic lighting effects. By installing our lights, not only will you impress your friends with the uncanny realism and stunning brightness of our lights, but you will never need to hold back on the track, because the our products are built from quality components that ensure durability. The Police Body Light Kit can have two additional LEDs of any color added to it (additional LEDs sold separately under the Custom Package tab)

In the Package:

  • 1pcs 5mm Dual WHITE Headlights
  • 1pcs 3mm Dual RED Tail-Brake Lights
  • 2pcs 3mm RED Police Strobes
  • 2pcs 3mm BLUE Police Strobes
  • 1pc UF-7 Lighting Controller
  • Power Cables to power off your cars battery, or 9V battery
  • Mounting Hardware


  • This Kit ONLY Includes Headlights, Tail/Brake, 2 Front, and 2 Rear Strobes Lights. Roof Flasher Bar, Stickers, Body, and Push Bumper Sold Separately

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