Hot Racing Hard Anodized Aluminum Pivot Balls Assortment (19) - HPI Wheely [WK160B01]

Hard Anodized Aluminum Pivot Balls Assortment (19) - HPI Wheely


Hot Racing 



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Hot Racing CNC machined 7075-T6 aluminum 6.8x8x3mm suspension pivot balls for the HPI Wheely King, or other miscellaneous applications


  • CNC machined 7075-T6 aluminum construction
  • Hard anodized
  • By design, the HPI Wheely King is equipped with steel hollow balls. That weight can
  • Really add up when you combine them all together. This set of aluminum
  • Hollow balls will reduce that weight by 8 grams and maintain the
  • Original factory tightness in the rod ends

In the Package:

  • (Ball Diameter)x(Length)x(Inside Diameter)
  • Two (2) 7.8x10.7x3.1mm pivot balls with 8.4mm flange
  • Four (4) 7.8x9.1x3.1mm pivot balls
  • Eight (8) 6.8x8.9x3.3mm pivot balls
  • Three (3) 5.7x5.8x3.1mm pivot balls
  • Two (2) 3.7x3.9x2mm pivot balls


  • Hard Anodizing is an electrochemically produced grey layer of hard aluminum oxide on the surface of aluminum components that helps in wear and friction reduction

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