Hot Racing Plug & Connector Soldering Jig [SD488E]

Plug & Connector Soldering Jig


Hot Racing 



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This is Hot Racing RC connector soldering Clamp jig


  • Ideal for soldering and all types RC connector
  • This jig quickly and securely clamps, holds, and releases these connectors for your soldering tasks
  • This Jig clamp holds the most common RC connectors
  • XT60
  • Deans T connector
  • Traxxas TRX Conector
  • EC-2
  • EC-3
  • EC-4
  • EC-5
  • Deans Micro 2pin to 4pin connectors
  • Bullet connectors from 2 to 6.5 mm
  • Can be use as motor holder fit both 5mm and 1/8 motor shaft

In the Package:

  • One Hot Racing RC connector soldering Clamp jig


  • Soldering tips:
  • 1) soldering iron is must be very HOT!!!!
  • 2) Tin the wire and the connector pin with good amount of solder
  • 3) Now place the wire and connector pin together with the help of a very hot soldering tip the solder will melts
  • 4) Then remove the soldering tip from the solder join, and let it cool done
  • Warning
  • The most dangerous is to connect positive and negative wires together creating a short circuit
  • 1) One of the wires must be properly isolated at all times
  • 2) Only clamp on one pin at a time from the same battery

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