Hot Racing White Firm Preload Shock Springs [NRO6808]

White Firm Preload Shock Springs


Hot Racing 



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Hot Racing Per Load cold-coiled shock springs for the 1/8 Arrma Big Rock BLX, Fazon BLX, and Nero BLX . These springs are approximately 3mm longer than the stock springs to help compensate and raise the vehicle after adding heavy duty upgrades or high capacity batteries. Adding these springs will add 5 to 10 percent more ground clearance to the vehicle, depending on the vehicle components installed. See vehicle model compatibility in comments below


  • Cold-coiled spring steel construction
  • Plated with a distinctive chip-resistant finish
  • 3mm longer than stock springs to raise ride height or compensate for heavy components

In the Package:

  • Two (2) white springs


  • Spring rate:
  • Spring turns: 6
  • Wire diameter: 3.0mm
  • Free length: 68mm


  • Stock spring is AR330347 (23.5lb/in, 420g/mm)
  • Coil springs can be either "hot-coiled" or "cold-coiled". Hot Racing springs are cold-coiled and are wound from pre-heat treated spring wire stock. This produces a superior spring versus many other so-called performance springs that are "cold-coiled" from annealed "bundle stock, " then quenched and tempered after coiling. This inferior method produces a less accurate spring and can result in surface imperfections
  • Available springs include:
  • NRO6509: soft (black)
  • NRO6508: medium (white)
  • NRO6506: firm (gold)
  • NRO6802: soft preload springs (red)
  • NRO6806: medium preload springs (blue)
  • NRO6808: firm preload springs (white)
  • Known to fit the following Arrma vehicle numbers. Please check your vehicle's literature for the vehicle number. If a vehicle is marked as "optional", this indicates that the part and/or vehicle may require modification for proper fit
  • Fazon: AR106020
  • Nero: AR106009, AR106011
  • Nero Bigrock: AR106017

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