Hot Racing Ep FlyWheels Conversion for .21 [EEC100W01]

Ep FlyWheels Conversion for .21


Hot Racing 



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Electric power Flywheel conversion with 3 Piece Clutch for .21 size and Flywheel for the
5mm shaft Electric Powered motor


  • Flywheel features Steel construction
  • Allow use of 1/8 clutch bell on 5mm Shaft brushless motor
  • Clutch shoes feature aluminum construction and are silver in color
  • Clutch springs feature steel construction and are black in color

In the Package:

  • One Steel Flywheel
  • Three Silver Aluminum Clutch Shoes
  • Three Black Steel Clutch Hard Springs
  • Three Gold Steel Clutch Med Springs
  • Three Silver Steel Clutch Soft Springs


  • Outside diameter:
  • Inside diameter:


  • Installation


  • For power and responsiveness brushless system this is a must. This clutch engage almost instantly and provide a true bridge between direct drive and clutch systems. All the benefits of both systems are achieved: Instant power, better traction, cooler operating temps, predictable jumping smoother faster cornering, less drive train stress. There is no compromises

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